Vyagr Foundation
Vyagr Foundation is working to save sparrow by distributing sparrow nest on the ocassion of Birthday,anniversay and as a form of gift to other. We have shared over 10,000 nest in different cities like Varanasi, Delhi, Gorakhpur, Allahabad. Our aim is to work on their habitat and bring back them to our society and houses.
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Roof Gardening
modern society doesn't have too much of space in their societies, we create awareness among the people and encourage them for roof gardening to save environment.
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Sparrow Houses
Vyagr Foundation distributes sparrow houses, A clay pot and sparrow food to people. we also motivate people to give presents to relative, friends and peoples on their anniversary & birthday for a social environmental cause.
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Save World

Save World by saving Sparrow. यदी हम न चेते तो होगी वह गुगल गौरइया

Save Nature

Save nature by Creating awareness. गौरैया संरक्षण के लिए जन जागरूकता अभियान |

How we work

गौरैया को बचाने के लिए व बुलाने के लिए व्यग्र फाउंडेशन द्वारा घोषला,पानी के पात्र,दाना रखने के पात्र व उनको खिलाने के लिए ककुनी व बाजरा भी दिया जाता है

Welcome to Vyagr Foundation

यदी हम न चेते तो होगी वह गुगल गौरइया

व्यग्र फाउंडेशन गौरैया संरक्षण के लिए कार्य करने वाली अग्रणी संस्था में से एक है |

Reg no: VAR/08088/2020-2021 

Vyagr Foundation has been working to save environment by creating awareness among people for saving sparrow, roof gardening and ,rain water harvesting and global warming. Our secretary Atul pandey has been very active and had been sharing sparrow houses to his friends, relatives and society members. People from various field have praised him for his work. He had been continuously engaged with his team members to organise events to let people know about the importance of saving sparrow for coming generations and our environment.

World Sparrow Day 2021-22

How did the
Vyagr Foundation come into existance

Vyagr Foundation was formed with a vision to involve citizens from all walks of life, diverse backgrounds and different parts of the country and the world.

Vyagr Foundation began its work in a small way, without any sustainable source of funding support but with a belief and vision to save the common flora and fauna by involving the citizen.

Already, We have installed , gifted sparrow houses to our friends, relatives and other people by our own funding.

Vyagr Foundation

Vyagr foundation had distributed over 10,000 sparrow nest all over india, not only nest but with 2 clay pot, and 1 kg of food (Bajra), and 2 nests , this is what we gift to anyone and take oath to feed take care of the sparrow. We are one of the top 10 NGO working on sparrow conservation in India.

Our Involvement
  • World Sparrow Day
  • Help Birds in Summer Campaign
  • Nest Distribution on Birthday
  • Nest Distribution on Anniversary
  • Help birds in Summer campaign
  • Spreading awareness for nature conservation
Facts About Sparrow

Reason for declining numbers of Sparrow

Loss of habitat

Due to modern technology old spacious buildings have been changed to the shapes where sparrows do not find their habitat. It is the most important reason of decline of population.

Lack of food

Sparrow flocks fly around 1.5 to 2 miles in searching of food such as grains, insects etc. In the modern life style people tend to buy things in pocket which are pre cleaned or dried.

Mobile Phone Towers

Environmental experts say that sparrow is not able to withstand the microwave impact from cell phone towers. Due to that the reproductive abilities have reduced.

Our Activities

Vyagra Foundation

Save Sparrow and save the entire world with Vyagra foundation.

Photo Gallery

Check photo gallery related to creating awareness for sparrow saving.

How to make Sparrow Houses

We make sparrow houses with our team. we provide beautiful sparrow houses.

Roof Gardening

Inspiring people to do roof gardening in their flats or houses to contribute in saving environment.

News Gallery

Check video Gallery about sparrow stories , which made our childhod awesome.

Our Testimonials

We had been encouraged by many people and their words are the one which keeps us motivated to work for the environment. 

Rajagopal P. V., a Gandhian activist, is a former Vice Chairman of the Gandhi Peace Foundation, New Delhi and the president and founding member of Ekta Parishad.

We thank him for his kind words and it will definitely motivate us. 

#पद्मश्री प्रहलाद सिंह “टिपानिया”जी भी जुड़े व्यग्र फाउंडेशन के गैरेया संरक्षण मुहिम से
प्रख्यात अभिनेता सिद्धान्त चतुर्वेदी सपरिवार जुड़े व्यग्र फाउंडेशन के गौरेया संरक्षण मुहिम से
फ्राँस (FRANCE) के डेनिश भी जुड़े व्यग्र फाउंडेशन के गौरेया संरक्षण मुहिम से

Come with us and save environment, Share your experience with us.

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