Facts of House Sparrow

Welcome to Vyagr Foundation

Vyagr Foundation (व्यग्र फाउंडेशन ) has been working to save environment by creating awareness among people for saving sparrow, roof gardening and ,rain water harvesting and global warming. Our secretary Atul pandey has been very active and had been sharing sparrow houses to his friends, relatives and society members. People from various field have praised him for his work. He had been continuously engaged with his team members to organise events to let people know about the importance of saving sparrow for coming generations and our environment.

Vyagr Foundation is one of the Top NGO working for sparrow conservation in India, or we can say one of the very few NGO working in our country for sparrow rehabiliation/conservation we are on the top. We dont only work and get our photo clicked on World Sparrow day, we work on root level and try to create awareness among the people.

We have distributed over 1000 sparrow nest in many cities in india. Not only nest but 2 clay pit with 1 kg of food for Sparrow. We along with our team try to make the nest in good quality so that it also give a good look and can be user for a long time. From time to time we also connect with people and make sure they are keeping the food and water .

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